Jessica Rubio, Salesforce & Data Manager


What do you do at Rainmaker?

As Rainmaker’s Senior Database Executive, I manage the group’s data and databases. My role is to ensure that our database is continuously improving in order to facilitate access for both the Accounts and Commercial teams, as well as maximizing ROI. I manage a group of 3 to 4 people who focus on giving our team access to the most accurate and up to date prospect data, ensuring that our database is continuously improving.
What do you like most about coming to work each day?

Reporting directly to the MD’s of both companies has given me a lot of freedom in my work and I feel like my work is affecting our business directly. Knowing that my work can have such an impact gives me a lot of drive to do my best on a daily basis.
What have you enjoyed working on most recently?

I was recently in charge of moving all of Rainmaker and Pearlfinders' commercial data to a new CRM system. This was a long and arduous process, requiring immense attention to detail, to maintain data integrity while attempting to create as little disruption as possible. The move to the new system was a success and while this is still a work in progress, it’s great to see everyone give such positive feedback on this!
Describe the culture at Rainmaker – what’s different about the company?

Rainmaker’s culture is amazing. Everyone is very loud which leads to a great atmosphere in the office, but we also work very hard and come together to produce great things.

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