Jack Allen, Senior Researcher


What do you do at Pearlfinders?

I’m a senior researcher, which means my role is primarily to conduct telephone interviews with senior marketing decision-makers across the US and Asia. The goal is to find out how agencies and sporting properties can best be forming relationships with the world’s largest brands.

What do you like most about coming to work each day?

The excitement of discovering something truly exciting – at Pearlfinders we often discuss things like shifts in brand strategy, as well as wider corporate changes like M&A, before any of it becomes public knowledge. The sense of being “in the know”, and providing this knowledge to our clients, is one of the best parts of the job.

What have you enjoyed working on most recently?

Recently on our international products we’ve had a big push to increase the amount of sponsorship discussions we have, and talking with some of the world’s biggest investors in sponsorship is quite exciting. A recent conversation with the Vice President of Communications at MasterCard Singapore, for example, was particularly interesting.

Describe the culture at Pearlfinders – what’s different about the company?

It’s a very young company, in terms of the workforce, which gives it quite a busy, vibrant culture. Particularly in summertime, there is always something sociable going on which gives new starters especially a great chance to mingle and build relationships quickly. Nor is the in-work environment stuffy – there are always conversations being had on the phones and between teams, and music plays all day. This makes the days go a lot quicker!

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