Alex Mullan, Shorts Manager


What do you do at Pearlfinders?

I’m the Shorts Manager at Pearlfinders, where I monitor major business developments and put together brief, practical reports for our clients to act on. I also manage the company’s relationship with our developers and support the editorial team.

What do you like most about coming to work each day?

Partly it’s the fact that with quite a varied job there are always new challenges to meet each day – whether it’s a new opportunity to uncover for our clients, a website project to work on, or new content to edit.

What have you enjoyed working on most recently?

Often I find the most rewarding thing in my job is finding a story to write about on Shorts, and passing it on to our researches to try and get extra insight. When we get a report from someone through a Short, it reinforces to me the value of what we do.

Describe the culture at Pearlfinders – what’s different about the company?

I came straight to Pearlfinders after graduating, and what stands out for me is definitely the sense of community spirit that exists across the whole company. We make the most of the opportunities we get to go to events, field a softball team every summer, and have a great social culture.

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